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How to design the perfect PPC landing page


When designing your landing page, or (more likely) your landing pages, you need to consider a number of factors that will make them work better for you. Of course, nothing is written in stone, so the suggestions below should be adjusted to fit your specific business model. Still, by paying close attention to the following tips, you should be able to design a landing page that works well for you.


1. Choose a proper URL


This is one of the key elements of your landing page, because it will introduce the visitors to your business, before they ever click on the link. The URL needs to include your primary domain name, of course. The specific page where visitors land, however, should be descriptive in its design. Why? Because it will help to warm people up to what they are about to see, and it may also help minimize the untargeted clicks that occur from time to time, wasting your PPC budget.


2. Write good copy


When you design your landing page, you need to write copy that will push people from the headline to the call for action. Lots of books have been written on creating effective copy, and they aren't expensive at all! In fact, you can find a lot of free information on sites such as this one.


Of course, perfecting your copy will take a lifetime, and it typically involves a lot of split testing. So, even if your copy is performing well at the moment, continue to test and improve it on an ongoing basis.


3. Ask a friend to read your copy


Yes, you may have created compelling copy for your landing pages. But it is important to have another person (ideally, several people) read through it in the same way that a typical visitor would do it.


Most people tend to scan through the information, jumping from headline to headline and taking a quick look at your bullet points, or anything else that stands out. You can use this behavior to your advantage, by following the logic of the page, and any bold, large or colored text or button that is included on it. It is wise to remove all the text that is not going to stand out; what is left will give you a fair estimation of what people see when they land on your page.


4. Keep it simple


In line with what was discussed above, it is also important to simplify your page, to help people engaged, and thus have them move from the top to the bottom of your landing page. Long copy does have its benefits indeed, and you may want to test it from time to time, to see if it works well for you. More than likely, though, you will discover that a simple design that includes a single image or video will work best for you.


5. Capture their information


Some of the website visitors will take the time to ask for more information, or may even pull out their credit cards. The vast majority of the visitors, however, are going to leave your website, never to be seen again. So, get their information whenever it is possible!


Try to obtain their email address, and any other form of contact information that you may need. When you use this type of permission-based marketing, it can really make a difference in your business, because it will allow you to contact those individuals later on.


These are only a few of the options to consider when you are interested in building the perfect PPC landing page. The most important thing to keep in mind, however, is that you are never going to have a perfect landing page, unless it has a 100% conversion rate at all times, which is virtually impossible. So, continue to work on all aspects of your pages, and I guarantee that you will see your business grow.